Mr, Stephen Myers of Wattisham Baptist Chapel , is the Chairman of the East Anglian Auxiliary of the Sovereign Grace Union, which exclusively uses the Authorised Version of the scriptures and seeks to worship God with reverence.

Five services are held annually for the East Anglian Auxiliary of the Sovereign Grace Union: The scheduled meetings for 2018-19 are:

Saturday 18th May 2019,3.00pm and 6.00pm (tea between services)
Wattisham Baptist Chapel
Wattisham IP7 7LD
Pastor Richard Clarke
(Beacon Park Baptist Chapel Plymouth)

Wednesday 19th June 2019, 7.30pm
Lakenheath Baptist Chapel
27 Mill Road, Lakenheath, Suffolk. IP27 9DU
Pastor Rowland Wheatley
(Cranbrook Strict Baptist Chapel)

Thursday 18th July 2019, 7.30pm
Bentley Reformed Baptist Church
Church Road, Bentley, Suffolk. IP9 2DS
Pastor Robert Cordle
(Harold & Carlton Grace Baptist Church)

Monday 4th November 2019, 7.30pm
Zoar Baptist Chapel, Ipswich.
St Helens Street, Ipswich. IP4 2LH
Pastor Gerald Buss
(Old Baptist Chapel Chippenham)

The SGU publishes its magazine "Peace and Truth" quarterly.

The aims of the Sovereign Grace Union are:

  • To further the proclamation and defence of the doctrines of Free and Sovereign Grace.
  • To print and reprint literature expounding such doctrines.
  • To hold Conferences and Meetings to re-affirm the old truths in these days of apostacy and declension.
  • To circulate tracts, pamphlets and books, maintaining the Doctrines of Grace, which may be presented to the Union for that purpose, and to print and circulate such tracts, etc., for which any person, or Society, undertakes to provide the funds.
  • To raise a testimony against the evils of Priestcraft, Popery, Ritualism, Arminianism, Rationalism, Liberalism and Higher Criticism.

More information on the SGU can be obtained by emailing us.