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Worship at Friston

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About Friston Chapel
Friston Chapel is situated in a beautiful part of Suffolk between Leiston, Saxmundham, Aldeburgh and Snape. For directions of how to reach the chapel please visit the directions page and for more information on the location of Friston, please see this map. The church was established in 1831 and can seat a congregation of approximately 180 people. Our Pastor is Michael Harley and more information is provided on the Pastor's page.

Worship at Friston
Friston is an Independent Reformed Baptist Church where the Authorised Version of the scriptures is exclusively used in worship and preaching. We use Gospel Hymns as our main hymnal and worship is conducted in a reverent manner. During the afternoon service the children leave the service prior to the sermon to attend Sunday School.

Service Information

Lord's Day Services
10.45am Morning Worship Service
2.00pm Afternoon Worship Service and Sunday School
We encourage visitors to bring a packed lunch and stay for fellowship between the services

Prayer and Bible Study
7.30pm Tuesday at the chapel

Recent additions to the website (see also "articles" page): Click here to download our June 2018 neighbourhood letter

Devotional comments on the Book of Proverbs (complete), the Book of Ecclesiastes (complete) and the Book of Job

The Authorised Version: The Noblest Monument of English Prose and Christian Devotion (PDF)
being a lecture given on behalf of the Trinitarian Bible Society, as part of the 400th anniversary of the 1611 translation, at Emmanuel College, Cambridge on Saturday, 22nd October 2011 at 3pm

A lecture given at the conference of the Protestant Reformed Fellowship at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford on 31st August 2011: Reflections upon the transmission of the Greek Text of the New Testament

Visiting Preachers

June 2018
Sunday 24th June Pastor Jonathan Arnold (Westminster Baptist Church)

July 2018
Sunday 1st July Kyle Paisley (Oulton Broard)

September 2018
Harvest Thanksgiving Services
Sunday 16th September: Rev. Sam McKay (Redhill)

Tuesday 18th September Dr. David Allen (T.B.S.)
Sunday 30th September: Mr W Powell

October 2018
Sunday 28th October Mr. Stuart Hart Stockport

November 2018
Sunday 11th November Rev. Trevor Carlisle (Reading)

January 2019
Sunday 20th January Dr. David Allen

March 2019

Tuesday 5th March Pastor Jayakanth (Sri Lanka)

Sunday 24th March Pastor Chalan Heatherington

May 2019
Church and Pastor’s Anniversary Services
Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th May Dr David Allen

June 2019
Sunday 30th June Mr. Timothy Martin (Milton Keynes)

July 2019
Sunday 7th July Mr S McKay (Redhill)

To make an enquiry regarding service times or arrangements, please contact us by email in the first instance.